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The Proxima stem confronted with a Zweymuller type

I found this article (aimed at patients) on the Proxima hip replacement. This hip has been somewhat of interest to me sine I seen it at a DePuy Symposium. I talked to Dr. Valverde from Spain and I must say that he pretty much convinced me of the product’s benefits.

Essentially the hip’s proximal “lateral flare” gives the stem a wedge shape form that them gets blocked in the metafisis of the femur. This is essentially how it can work without the presence of a stem.

I think that the benefits in terms of avoiding or at least reducing stress shielding and thigh pain that this product bring can’t be denied, I’m just a bit dubious on the difficulty of the surgical technique and the results.

I know that there’s and Italian surgeon by the name of Santori that has (so I’ve been told) almost 11 years of follow up with some custom made stems very much like Proxima but I don’t feel that the clinical history of a custom made stem can be inherited by it’s commercial version.

Does anyone information how the stem is performing in Europe and is maybe able to give me some insight to the first results that have been reported? I really look forward to seeing some good clinical results as I feel that they will be the key in making me start using Proxima. Right now I’m afraid of making the same mistake I made with resurfacing.

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