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You’ve just registered with medbrains and now you’re wondering how to start putting what you have to say online?

If so then you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. This section of our help guide has been created just for you and will show you everything you need to know to start publishing online with breathtaking results….so let’s get started.

The first part of medbrains that you’ll need to learn about is the Control Panel.

The Control Panel

The Control Panel is where everything happens. It’s where you carefully craft the articles that will appear on your blog and it’s also the location from which you can administer every aspect of your blog and your user profile. What other users see on your blog and how it’s displayed is quite simply as a result of what you have done in the control panel.

To access your control panel you must first be logged in, then you can either select the image of yourself on your network homepage or you can simply click on this link.

We’ll now go step by step through the use the Control Panel showing how to create articles and set the design of your blog. But before proceding let’s take a look at this video to get a feel for how the Control Panel works and the different options available.

Now that you’ve got an idea of the layout of the Control Panel and what you can do through it, it’s time to start doing something useful i.e. writing articles. In medbrains it’s possibile to write either Pages or Articles so first of all let’s clarify the difference between both.

Pages are for content such as “About Me,” “Contact Me,” etc. That is to say information that lives outside of the normal blog chronology. Pages are often used to present information about oneself or one’s site that is somehow timeless — information that is always applicable. When you create a new page, its title will be added to the title bar on your blog and the text you insert into the page will be visible when someone clicks on that link on the title bar. For example, pages were used to create the sections “Getting Started”, “Resources” & “All about blogs” in this help blog.

Posts are the entries that are displayed in reverse chronological order on the home page of your blog. In contrast to pages, posts usually have comments fields beneath them (where people can leave comments on your article) and are included in your site’s RSS feed. Posts are the bread and butter of blogging and are what you should use everytime you want to share information that isn’t sutiable for sharing using pages. You’ll generally find that posts generate the the vast majority (around 95%) of your blog content.

Now that you understand the difference between pages and posts have a look at the the following video how to go about writing an article.

Adding images

Now that you’ve learned how to write content it’s time to start spicing things up. First of all let’s look at how to insert images into your posts, then we’ll do the same with videos.

Before looking at the tutorial we must talk about a very important concept, image size; and by this we mean how many Kilobytes or Mega bytes your image is. When putting images onto the web it’s very important to make sure that you keep their dimensions as low as possible so that people who view your website don’t have to wait minutes to download the pictures in your article. You may have a fast internet connection but this is not true for everyone, especially those in developing countries.

It’s easy to immagine that reducing the size of your image will drastically reduce it’s quality, but this is not true. Images to be displayed online can reduced from 3Mbytes to 100Kbytes without any apparent loss of quality but with a huge difference in download time.

Many modern digital cameras produce images that are over 5Mbytes, so therefore these images will have to be resized before being uploaded to medbrains. This is also due to the fact that no internet browser can support uploads of over 2Mbytes.

Remember also that you have a limited amount of space for your blog and while you should have as much space as you ever need if you’re not careful about the size of images you put in your blog then you could find yourself running out of space quite rapidly.

Now, let’s have a look at the tutorial.

Ading Videos

The real difference of blog articles is their ability to seamlessly integrate all the different types of media thereby creating a wonderful means of communication. More than any other media, videos allow you to communicate in a few seconds a thousand word’s worth of information.

It is not possibile to upload your videos onto medbrains, this is due to space reasons and because there is a plethora of other video repositry sites available. Therefore to put your video in your blog article you simply upload it to one of these video repositry sites and create a link to it within your article….sound’s complicated? Once you’ve understood how it all works you’ll see that it’s as easy as pie. Below you’ll find 2 video tutorials, one explaining how to insert a video from a Video repositry website (YouTube into your post and the other explaining how to upload your video to YouTube.

Inserting a video into your article

Using YouTube

Look & Feel

So now you should be able to write pages and posts and embedd both images and videos in your articles, in fact you’re pretty much ready to start blogging. But before you begin you might want to learn some more about how you can control the look & feel of your your blog.

Blog design & Layout is actually quite simple, so let’s look at this video to get to grips with the concepts.

And that’s it! While there’s a lot more to blogging than what you’ve just seen, this is all you need to get started. We have many more resources to help you along in your blogging experience but you’ll find that one of the best ways to learn is experience. Therefore we encourage you to start writing before looking at any more of the tutorials so that you get a feel for how everything works.

Thanks & enjoy!

The medbrains team

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