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23 Sep 2008 /  Uncategorized

Hip arthroscopy is being talked about more and more.

Everytime I go to a congress there’s always a talk somewhere in the program, when I talk to friends they’re always more and more anxious to try it out.

Personally I haven’t even thought of experimenting just yet, mainly for that reason i.e. it just feels to early on in the development of this new procedure to be able to use it on patients with a clear conscience. But then again that may just be me being too conservative and/or un-informed.

I also get the feeling that some companies are pushing the new products that they’ve developed for Hip arthroscopy and so therefore we’re seeing it inserted as a topic in more and more congresses, we’re getting invited to company events on Hip Arthroscopy and to thier visitation centers.

I also feel that we’ve become so good at regular arthroscopy that we’re now looking for the next challenge. This is what worries me the most as one could relate it to the trend in hip replacement towards mini incisions…and just look at the results obtained with the Zimmer double incision technique.

I’m hoping that someone with good experience in this field will read this article and let me know their opinions. Until I have more proof and preferably some concrete clinical results I think I’m going to wait and see.

I’ve included below some videos on the subject matter. I look forward to your comments!

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embedded by Embedded Video

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